User Benefits

Administer privileges

Administer privileges for all the users of the application.


Create, edit, and delete schools.

Monitor schools

Monitor all the school activities at one place.
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Comprehensive Question Banks
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Workshops and training for professional development
  • Digital Learning Resources
  • Student’s app for access from home
  • Online + Offline Access
  • Enriched experience with multi layered interactivity
  • Higher interest levels
  • Better retention
  • Better visualization and understanding through multimedia, 3D, animation, multi-touch interactivity, etc
  • Seamless and rich User Interface for both print and LMS
  • School performance at a glance, and usage tracking
  • Comprehensive solution - Content + Technology + Teacher Training and Support Services

Impart teaching

Preparatory training and instruction methodologies.


Learning through videos and digital resources.


Facilitate learning through lesson plans and question bank.

Remedial Learning.

Create pre-tests based on the lessons that students need to study.

Rubric Management.

Make subjective assessments and evaluate.
  • Parent access from Web and Mobile app
  • Assessment reports through Parents app
  • Assignment Dashboard
  • Notification and messages on kids progress
  • Custom messages from School



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